TDBTreeGrid is a C++ Builder component which combines a Grid and a TreeView capabilities into one component, which is able to show a TDataSet content in both flat grid view and the TreeView, still with columns shown. Despite its name, the TDBTreeGrid supports also virtual columns and rows, thus it's usable without any data source. It also adds many features which might be found usable and missing with stock builder components, like:
  • client side sorting
  • column sort indicators
  • multi-column sort support
  • even/odd row coloring
  • column background coloring
  • custom cell editors
  • cell text highlighting
  • row highlighting
  • row hiding
  • set user data for each row
  • custom text for empty data set, with clickable parts
  • and many more...

TDBTreeGrid sources can be downloaded here, same as an example application, which provides only very simple examples, with some basic usage of the component. Both TDBTreeGrid and the examples code are released as a free software; see the license section for more detailed information.


  - Initial public release


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